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All Care Wellness Institute - Mental Health | New Bedford, MA Consultation

Meet Our Office Staff

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Receptionist/Medical Records Specialist



Melanie achieved her associate degree for Administrative Assistant from Bristol Community College and has been in the healthcare industry for 25 years, intermittently. Melanie joined the All Care team in 2017 as the Intake Coordinator for our mental health clinic (New Bedford site). Her role is crucial in collecting data for patients in the community.


Within her daily role, Melanie is responsible for getting patients connected to the most appropriate provider in the practice in a timely manner. Melanie brings a positive energy and is an empathetic listener, working with our most vulnerable patients. We are excited to have Melanie as a part of our All Care family.


Melanie is a mom to three loving boys and outside of work enjoys shopping and watching reality television.


Fun Facts about Melanie:


  • If she could be any animal, she would be reality T.V. star Lisa Vanderpump’s dog.

  • Dream Vacation: Fiji

  • An aspiring talent: the ability to sing

  • Favorite TV Show: RuPaul’s Drag Race  

  • One food she could eat every day is sea salt caramel gelato.

Receptionist/Safety Officer

Amber Malloch


Amber attended school at Bristol Community College before becoming a member of All Care’s team as a home health aide. She transitioned to office staff working at both New Bedford and Stoughton location sites after working in the field for 12 months. Amber’s primary function is to answer all incoming calls for the mental health clinic.


Her kind, and gentle nature, along with her genuine personality has been a great asset to our team. Amber is also responsible for managing our Vivitrol Program. Amber is a great representative and provides a compassionate and friendly voice for all our consumers when they call our office.


Outside of work, Amber is a mom to her toddler son. She loves spending time with him and discovering each new stage, while he begins learning new things.  


Fun Facts about Amber:


  • She likes to go camping

  • If she had to eat the same thing every day she would choose watermelon.

  • If Amber could travel anywhere she would travel to Bermuda

  • Amber’s guilty pleasure is mint chocolate ice cream

  • If she could possess any talent in this world she would like to become a Medium

Medical Assistant/Infection Control Officer

Lisa Reid


Lisa attended North Shore Community College in Lynn, Massachusetts, she obtained her Associate Degree in Developmental Disorders. She continued her educational pursuit at The Salter School in New Bedford, MA, where she received her Medical Assistant Certificate. While attending Salter School Lisa was able to maintain her dean's list status.

Lisa has been in the health industry since 1985. She began her employment providing services for the Developmentally Delayed clients in a group home setting.


After completing her internship at All Care, Lisa was offered full time employment as a Medical Assistant. Her task includes; performing vital signs, obtaining urine toxicology screens, and assisting in collecting data for metabolic screens. She is also responsible for managing the genetic testing request from the providers, she performs point-of-care testing for diagnostic tests, and collects other specimens for diagnostic testing. Lastly, Lisa is responsible for the arrangement of diagnostic tests as they are needed and instructs patients and/or family for the preparation.


Lisa is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable young woman. She’s always ready to lend a helping hand to her coworkers. She is hard-working, thoughtful, and is a charismatic woman who always strives for self improvement and personal growth. She achieves this by always taking the extra mile to help others in need. She dedicates her time and knowledge to assist each client that comes into our practice. Lisa comes to work with a smile on her face daily. We are so fortunate to have Lisa be a part of the All Care team.


Fun Facts about Lisa:


  • She loves to crochet, and do small arts and crafts.

  • She is an active sorority sister in Zeta Phi Beta at Maryland University

  • Age she’d like to stay forever: 30

  • Aspiring talent: the ability to draw

  • If she could be any animal she would be a Brown Bear symbolizing strength and confidence.  

Receptionist (Stoughton)

Garnet Shields


Garnet obtained her Certification for Medical Administration from Lincoln Technical Career School in 2010. She has been in the field for almost a decade, and while she only joined All Care earlier this year, she hopes to remain for a very long time.


Garnet has three children, as well as three grandchildren, whom she treasures spending time with. When left to her own devices, she loves paint by number and vacationing, and has a bit of an obsession with baby monkeys.


Fun Facts about Garnet:


  • If she could have any superpower, it's tied between making the world more caring and respectful and being able to blink and have all the housework done.

  • Her favorite food is chinese, and she loves to cook.

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