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Ken Temple


Ken got his Bachelor of Science in the degree of law at the University of Massachusetts, and in 1993 he achieved his MBA at Bentley University. Ken has his associate degree in nursing from Bunker Hill and is pursuing his master's degree at Regis as a psychiatric nurse. As the administrator of visiting nurses, Ken has been in the health care industry for 17 years.

Ken is passionate about life, and his kindness has lead him to become a great asset on All Care's team. Outside of work, Ken is a big fan of The Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead television series.


Fun Facts about Ken:


  • He loves to travel with his wife in his free time.

  • Ken is an ex private investigator

  • He has a background in Sports Radio

  • Chocolate is one of his guilty pleasures, he usually eats Peanut M&M's daily.

  • If he could be any animal, he would choose to be a lion because they have "no natural enemy.


Director of Nursing


Joe Pereira (RN)


Joe is the newest member to All Care's team. He has been hired as the director of nursing for the home health agency.


Joe attended college at Sarnia, Ontario, in Canada and has been in the healthcare industry for almost 30 years. His daily responsibilities include directing, educating, and developing the nurses and staff. He also assists with launching our new home health agency, he develops our team, and offers support to the nurses. Lastly, Joe is responsible for meeting monthly with home health aides and nurses.


Working closely with our GAFC program, Joe’s credibility and values make him a great asset to our team. He brings a calmness to our work environment with his quirky sense of humor, and ability to get along with everyone. He is a quiet and kind leader and we are so fortunate to have him. Welcome aboard, Joe! Outside of work, Joe enjoys gardening and initiates a healthy lifestyle through his participation in Zumba and variety of dance classes. Joe has offered to teach the staff Zumba and hopes to make this a reality soon.


Fun Facts about Joe:


  • Joe is bilingual and can speak English and Portuguese.

  • A food item he could eat every day: meat lover's pizza

  • Favorite superpower: power to change elements

  • Dream Vacation: an African safari

  • Guilty pleasure: potato chips


 Registered Nurse  


Doug Rounseville


Doug graduated from Holy Ghost Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, earned his associate degree from Bristol Community, and then earned his bachelor’s and advanced degree at Walla Walla University in Washington. Doug has decades of experience in the psychiatric field acquiring many titles and serving in leadership roles. He has worked within emergency rooms, has a medical background assessing the criminally insane, and has served as supervisor for multiple institutes.


At All Care, Doug offers a smooth, peacemaking, matriarchal approach to his patients and is a great asset to our team. At All Care Homecare, Doug is responsible for administrating the injection medications for clients in the clinic. He also visits clients in their home setting helping the vulnerable homebound patients that are not able to commute to the office.


Fun facts about Doug:


  • If Doug had a superpower he'd choose the ability to heal/cure people.

  • His favorite attribute about himself is how “open” he is.

  • He is thrilled to have bought his fishing license for only $1.34 with his senior discount.

  • If he could eat one food item every single day he’d eat lobster.

  • He wishes he could play a musical instrument.


Licensed Practical Nurse


Michelle Hanna


Michelle received her LPN, License Practical Nurse Certificate from Southeastern Technical Institute. Before joining our team at All Care Homecare, Michelle began her journey working in a group home setting, caring for the Developmentally Delayed consumers.


Michelle joined our team as a home health nurse where she provides in home care for our homebound patients. Michelle’s daily duties on our team include her going to patient’s homes to provide nursing care, environmental assessment, safety assessments, medication management, and case management.


Michelle’s personal experience taking care of her great niece, who is Developmentally Delayed inspired her to become a nurse. Michelle enjoys caring for people, and has allowed herself to put a lot of heart into her job caring for others. We are so happy to have someone like Michelle on our team.


Fun facts about Michelle:


  • Michelle is very excited to have another grandchild on the way

  • If she could be any animal, she would be a domestic house cat because she believes they have it all.

  • Michelle’s guilty pleasure is potato chips

  • If she could go anywhere, she would go to Albuquerque, New Mexico where her granddaughter is currently living.

  • Her favorite television series is Chicago P.D.


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