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GAFC Program Coordinator

Liz Morris


Liz has been at All Care Homecare for nearly five years, and has worked in the healthcare industry for eight years. Her daily responsibilities include; managing clients scheduled for services, she assists the personal care assistant team, and schedules and coordinates care for the consumer to best match the caregiver. Liz guides the participants throughout the pre-admission, admission process, coordinates care with primary care office, and initiates and completes discharges from the program. She also generates state reports for program requirements. Liz has been instrumental in the continued growth of the GAFC program, ensuring that consumers needs are met.


While being a valuable team player at work, outside of work, she loves to hang out with her son and explore.


Fun Facts about Liz:


  • If Liz could choose an aspiring talent it would be the ability to sing.

  • If she had to eat one food item every day of the week she would choose pizza.

  • If she had a superpower she would choose teleportation.

  • If she could travel anywhere she would travel to Bora Bora.

  • She loves going to concerts.


GAFC Communication Coordinator 

Felicia Carreiro


Felicia attended college at Bristol Community College and has been at All Care Homecare for the past four years, and in the healthcare industry for eighteen years. Felicia is a dedicated team member and on our team, acts as the mother hen of our GAFC program. Her daily responsibilities include; the communication between clients and home health aides, she ensures excellent care and coverage, and is also responsible for organizing and scheduling the nursing staff and community providers. Felicia knows each of the members receiving services and forms supportive relationships with them. We are so fortunate and blessed to have her on our team because she is beloved by all.


Outside of work, she loves to read and watch wrestling.


Fun Facts about Felicia:


  • Her aspiring talent would be to become a better dancer.

  • A food item she could eat every day of the week is pasta.

  • Her favorite superpower is invisibility.

  • Felicia is bilingual and can speak English and Portuguese.

  • Her dream vacation would be to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.

Case Manager

Amanda O'Connor


Amanda has over a decade of experience in the mental health care field and has brought a wonderful skillset to our All Care team. She holds a bachelor's degree from Bridgewater State University and serves as Case Manager for our GAFC (Group Adult Foster Care) Program. While she also brings previous experience as a case manager, she also has served as a Mental Health Worker at Bridgewater State Hospital, as well as a Residential Counselor in various schools. As a Residential Counselor, Amanda worked with adoloscents with behavior, developmental, and physical disabilities.


As our Case Manager, Amanda brings her empathetic character into each client's home, as each and every one of them attests to her openness, honesty, and genuine passion for helping people. She is responsible for providing community resources to each GAFC consumer and ensuring they are in good health and status. Furthermore, Amanda provides a supportive role to our in-home care team, which includes Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA).


When she is not busy at All Care, Amanda enjoys spending time with her two 8 year old twin sons. They love various activities together, such as nature walks and arts & crafts.


Fun Facts about Amanda:


  • When she was younger, Amanda wanted to be a teacher.

  • If she had to pick one food to eat every day, she would choose either pizza or Chinese.

  • If she could possess any superpower, she would choose the ability to fly.

  • Her dream place to visit is Italy.

  • Her absolute favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast.

Field Supervisor

Becky Boucher


Becky has been with All Care Homecare for more than seven years. Before being promoted to Field Supervisor, Becky was a Home Health Aide for All Care, supporting our clients on the south shore. As a supervisor, Becky supports our HHAs, PCAs and CNAs to ensure quality of care and adherence to All Care Homecare’s policies and procedures.


Becky also volunteers in her community’s drug awareness program, providing support and resources to individuals battling alcohol and drug addiction.


Fun Facts about Becky:


  • She enjoys spending time with her son and taking long road trips through the country.

  • Becky loves to cook and bake.

Field Supervisor

Robert Rounseville


Robert has been with All Care Homecare for more than 5 years. Before creating and being promoted to Field Supervisor, Robert was a home health aide and cared for clients in our southeast region. Robert has also provided All Care Homecare with recruiting HHAs starting in 2015 . Before working for All Care he focused his energy on helping people who suffer from addiction by working as a Recovery Specialist and Community Support Person. He continues to support all HHAs, PCAs and CNAs as well as teaching our CPR course through the American Heart Association.


Fun Facts about Robert:


  • Robert enjoys spending time with family

  • He is a huge fan of the Patriots and Celtics!  

GAFC Reception

Melissa Costa


Melissa is a Certified Nursing Assistant and has been working in the healthcare industry since the early 2000s. She joined the GAFC team at All Care Wellness in 2018, and has  become an integral part of our team. She is currently attending classes on nutrition and its relation to overall health, to further her ability to approach the clients' needs from all directions. Melissa is committed to providing the best services to our clients, and brings her own compassion and empathy to each and every interaction.


As the mother of two teenagers, she spends most of her time accommodating their whims.


Fun Facts about Melissa:


  • She owns three ferrets, and cleans their cage every single day.

  • If she could have any super power, she'd like superspeed so she can "finally get everything done and have time left over" for herself.

  • Her favorite food is a nice juicy steak.

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